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Baby Game

Written by: Shelley Scarrow

The soul-searching saga of three desperate and disparate couples all looking for answers when confronted with the sobering reality of infertility. When conception doesn’t come easily, they venture into the sometimes baffling, always extraordinary maze of fertility treatments, gambling with poor odds but hoping for the best. The fast-paced, three-tiered storylines in The Baby Game explore this highly emotional territory with humour and compassion. 

Developed with CTV



Chinatown Diaries

Writer: Sean O’Byrne

In 1923, a young, Scottish housemaid (Janet Smith) is found mysteriously murdered in the basement of her upper crust employer's Shaughnessey mansion. The yellow press runs riot with speculation, and political pressure rapidly mounts for the authorities to find a culprit, any culprit. In the racially charged atmosphere of prohibition era Chinatown, members of the Vancouver police and the local Ku Klux Klan kidnap and torture a Chinese 'houseboy', Wong Foon Sing, in an attempt to extract a murder confession and bring the scandal to an end. Based on a true story, this drama of class conflict, racism and political intrigue recalls Vancouver's most notorious unsolved murder case from the viewpoint of Sing, a young man forced into the role of scapegoat.

Developed with CTV



Out in Black

Written by: Alex Galatis
Produced in association with Breakthrough Entertainment

A Toronto police detective investigates a series of gay-related murders that in turn reveal uncomfortable secrets about his own life.

Developed with Chum City–TV



Preschool Penny

Animated Preschool Show
Created by Siobhan Devine and Orla Collins

In just 5 minutes a day, children aged 2-5 will become excited about going to school!  Using the Montessori method of learning, this show, set in a preschool environment, will prepare children’s minds for the fun of learning.  If listening to Mozart can make a baby smarter, imagine what active visual learning can do!  Montessori has long been touted as the best preparation for school one can give a child and Preschool Penny will make these principles available to all children.



Red Baron

4 hour Mini-Series
Written by: Malcolm MacRury
Produced in association with Thunderbird Films and BetaFilm GmbH

The First World War was sometimes referred to as the War To End All Wars.  This is where our story takes place, with the fighter pilots who became flying aces at the start of WW1.

In 1915 our story’s protagonist, Arthur Roy Brown enrolled at the Wright Brother’s school at Dayton, Ohio where he received his pilot’s certificate. Similarly, another young man in Germany was discovering his passion for flying. His name was Manfred von Richtofen. What neither young man could possibly foresee was that the airplane, within four years, would cease to be a miraculous invention – it would become the most valuable weapon of war.

Despite the horrors of the trench warfare below them, at the start of the war, Brown and von Richtofen were top fighter pilots and fully engaged in the intense and deadly competition in the air. They were also the new heroes of the day – celebrities. However, it is not long before our characters realize that the Air War is as brutal as the war being fought on the ground. By then it is too late. The wartime propaganda machine has realized that a public is demanding new heroes, a respite from the anonymous deaths in the trenches.

Developed with CBC Television




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